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Vacancies & Fees


Vacancies are limited, please contact us to see if any positions are available.
If you are interested in a position at our Preschool you can submit an online waiting list application at anytime.
Click to follow the link to the waiting list


  1. Fees are payable two weeks in advance at the beginning of Term 1.  Then fortnightly in advance for the remainder of the year.  Fees may also be paid by the term if you wish.
  2. Fees are payable for all holidays taken during school term.  Fees are not charged for gazetted school holidays.
  3. Fees may be waived for serious illness, or prolonged hospital treatment, at the discretion of the Committee, on receipt of written notification with a Doctor’s certificate attached.
  4. Fees in 2020 with the ‘Start Strong’ funding rebate applied will be set at the following amounts;
  • 3 and 4 year old children attending a 5 day fortnight with a Low Income Family Health Care Card or of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent $27 per day with 'Start Strong' rebate applied.
  • 4 year old children attending a 5 day fortnight $32 per day with 'Start Strong'rebate applied.
  • 3 and 4 year old children attending 1 day per week $50 per day  with no 'Start Strong'rebate applied. The NSW government will NOT provide funding for families of 3 or 4 year old children who are enrolled for only ONE (1) day attendance per week.
  1. In addition to the attendance fees, families are required to pay an Equipmant Levy of $15.00 per family per term, Fundraising Levy of $5.00 per family per term and a Membership to Preschool Association fee of $20.00 per family per year.
  2. Springwood Preschool is a CASH FREE service. Fees are to be paid by Direct Debit Authority from either a bank account or Credit card and can be set up through your Hubworks enrolment page. A receipt will be issued for all monies paid, these will be emailed where possible or placed in the Parent Files in the blue and green boxes in the foyer and we ask that you collect them on a regular basis.
  3. If your child is leaving preschool, notice in writing must be given two (2) weeks in advance, or two (2) weeks fees will be charged in lieu of notice.
  4. Under the Governments new Child Care Package, CCB is no longer applicable in Preschool.
  5. If you are experiencing any difficulties in the payment of fees at any time throughout the year, please feel free to come and discuss them with us.  You will not know if we can help, unless you ask.
  6. Login to Hubworks at anytime to view your Fee Status using your Parent Username and Password (please contact the office if you need your login details sent to you)