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Fee payments

Springwood and District Preschool is a non-profit organisation financed by fees and a small amount of government funding. Fees are required to be two (2) weeks in advance at all times. Springwood Preschool is a CASH FREE service and fees are to be paid by Direct Debit Authority from a bank account or credit card.

Direct Debit payment of fees;

DIRECT DEBIT AUTHORITY can be paid from either a bank account or credit card. Please activate the direct debit authority online through your Hubworks enrolment, enter your details securely online. Please ensure that you read the details thoroughly and are aware of how the facility operates and be aware of any associated fees.

If cash or cheque is your only means of payment and you are unable to pay by direct debit, please pay at a CBA branch or transfer to the account shown below:
Account Name: Springwood and District Preschool Kindergarten
BSB:                  062-601
Account #:        10263494
Bank:                Commonwealth Bank
Reference:         Please use your child’s name to ensure prompt allocation of the payment to the correct child.

Fee Procedures

  1. Upon acceptance of your preschool enrolment, a Security Deposit is payable to confirm and hold this position. This is a fully refundable deposit upon leaving the preschool providing the required two weeks notice of withdrawal has been given and all fees are paid in full.

  1. Fees are payable two weeks in advance upon commencement at Preschool. Direct debit schedules will be set up to debit fees at the beginning of the fortnight and not at the end. Once your child starts at Preschool, fees must then be kept 2 weeks in advance for the duration of the year.
  2. For families continuing at Preschool, fees must be up to date before the new Preschool year and must also stay 2 weeks in advance for the year. No family will be able to start a new year at Preschool where fees are outstanding for the previous year. No sibling will be able to commence preschool where fees are outstanding for a brother or sister who has already left the preschool.
  3. A fee statement will be issued at the start of each term by email via Hubworks or into your parent file where email is not available. Receipts will be issued also by email or placed in your parent file and we ask that you check them on a regular basis. It is your responsibility to be aware whether your fees are paid up to date or not. You can go login at with your parent username and password to check on your fee status.
  4. Fees are payable for all holidays taken during school term. Fees are not charged for gazetted school holidays or public holidays. If you notify the office in advance of your absence and where the Preschool has no other vacancies, if the vacant day/s is filled you will not be charged fees for that day/s. If the absence period is not filled you will be charged fees as usual.
  5. Fees may be waived for serious illness, or prolonged hospital treatment, at the discretion of the Committee, on receipt of written notification with a Doctor’s certificate attached.
 7.  2019 Fee schedules with START STRONG funding rebate applied are below;
    3 or 4 year old children with Health Care card or Pension card and attending a minimum of 5 day fortnight $25/day
    All other 4 year old children attending a minimum of 5 day fortnight enrolment pattern $30/day
    3 or 4 year old children non-Health Care card or Pension card enrolled for ONE (1) day per week $48/day
The following charges also apply;
    $20.00 per year Membership to Preschool Association
     $15.00 per term equipment levy
     $5.00 per term fundraising levy

8. Springwood Preschool is a CASH FREE service and payment is by Direct Debit Authority. Springwood Preschool uses a facility called IPay. Your options for payment through IPay are from a bank account or credit card. You can request your payments to be debited weekly, fortnightly or monthly but must be in advance at all times.

9.  If you are unable to authorise payment by Direct Debit then deposits can be made to the following Commonwealth Bank account:

Name: Springwood and District Preschool Kindergarten Inc.
BSB: 062601
Account: 10263494
Reference: Use your child’s full name to ensure correct allocation of Payment.

10. Should a payment be dishonored by our bank or Direct Debit facility for any reason the fee incurred by the preschool for the dishonored payment will be added to your child’s fees. Please ensure that your nominated account has sufficient funds for your Direct Debit.

11. If you fall into arrears with the payment of your fees (i.e. are not 2 weeks in advance) then you will receive a reminder letter from the Preschool. If you don’t respond to the letter a phone call from the Treasurer requiring you to bring them up to date will occur. If, one week after you have been contacted by the Treasurer fees have not been brought up to date, you will receive a letter advising that unless the fees are brought up to date within 7 days your child’s place may be declared vacant.

12. If your child is leaving preschool, notice in writing must be given two weeks in advance, or two weeks fees will be charged in lieu of notice. The correct notice and full payment of fees is required to allow for refund of the Security Deposit paid upon commencement.

13. Fee subsidies are available for qualifying families, as per Government parameters for low income families. If you feel you may be eligible for a subsidy, you must provide the Preschool with a Centrelink Family Health Care card with all family members names listed. The subsidy benefit will then be applied.

14. If you are experiencing any difficulties in the payment of fees at any time throughout the year, please feel free to come and discuss it with us. You will not know if we can help, unless you ask. 

Security Deposit -Terms & Conditions

1.  The Security Deposit must be paid to secure and complete a new enrolment. A Security Deposit of $150.00 will be payable to confirm your child’s position.

2.  The Security Deposit is a method of confirming enrolments and ensuring that families give the required 2 weeks’ notice upon withdrawal from the service with all fees paid up to date.

3.  The Security Fee can be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) via internet banking or by Direct Debit authority from a bank account or credit card or by deposit at a CBA branch (to the account shown on the previous page) if cash or cheque is your only means of payment.

4.   The Security Fee will be fully refundable upon a child’s withdrawal from the service on the provision that:
·   2 weeks notice of withdrawal is given and;
·   all fees are paid in full up to the final date of enrolment.

5.  Once confirmation is received that all fees are paid in full, arrangements will be made with families to refund the money either by cheque or by direct deposit to a nominated bank account.

6.   It is policy of Springwood & District Preschool that fees are to be paid 2 weeks in advance at all times as outlined in this parent handbook.

7.   The Security Deposit is a separate payment to the attendance fees and does not at any time account for fees that are to be paid in advance.

8.  The Management Committee recognise that $150 is not the same value as 2 weeks fees for every enrolment. The Security Deposit is not intended in any way to be part of the fees for attending the service. It is a Security Deposit to ensure that new enrolments are legitimate and to ensure families do not leave the service without the appropriate notice or full payment of fees as outlined earlier, with this in mind, the financial commitment is the same for all families.

9.  The Management Committee recognise the substantial amount of money that will potentially be held as a total of all Security Deposits collected, any interest accrued over the period of time that the money is held will be invested back into the Preschool so that all children benefit from new toys, books, facilities etc.

Late Collection Fees

The preschool is licensed to have children on the premises between the hours of 8:45am (8am for limited positions) and 3:20pm. If children are picked up after closing time, a late fee penalty will be applied at $20 for the first 10 minutes from 3:20pm to 3:30pm and then $5 per every five minutes thereafter.