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Philosophy & History


Our preschool is a 2 unit, community-based preschool, which means we are owned and managed by the local community (via a Management Committee of parents attending the preschool), catering for children aged 3 to 6 years.  We have provided a fun, quality program in a warm and stimulating environment for over 30 years.  Our program is child-centred and based around the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

Opened in 1975, we now have a 2nd generation attending our preschool!

The Preschool is funded by the Department of Education, attendance fees payable by our children's families, and fundraising activities.

Statement of Philosophy

At Springwood Preschool we strive to honour children and families in all that we do. We provide a service in which children and families feel that they belong. We advocate childhood as a unique and special time of life in which children have the right to play, learn and express individualism & uniqueness as well as enjoying being children. We believe that we are all (children, caregivers and educators) on a continuous journey of learning and becoming. Genuine, respectful and reciprocal relationships are the foundations of our service.

We provide a program for 3-5 year olds that is exciting, challenging, stimulating, safe and inclusive, drawing upon the needs and interests of the children, families and educators. Our program supports and reflects the Early Years Learning Framework and its outcomes, and provides experiences and play based activities that encourage and foster learning and growth in the developmental areas: social, emotional, physical, cognitive, language and cultural diversity. 

The environment at Springwood Preschool facilitates and enhances our program. Therefore our indoor/ outdoor learning environments are well thought out and carefully planned. Our indoor environments are designed into learning centres to foster social emotional development, pre-reading, pre- writing and pre-math’s skills, creativity, self-identity and esteem, cognitive development, problem solving skills and critical thinking. Physical development, gross motor play and healthy eating habits are also embedded in our program. We firmly acknowledge the importance and presence of play, and the use of technology, discovery, experimentation, investigation, creation, problem solving and free choice within an early childhood environment.  We believe in providing children with the opportunity to be responsible for their own learning. Consequently our environment is flexible and provides choice and encourages autonomy and self-reliance. We endeavour always to provide a safe and loving environment that provides the security necessary for the development of positive relationships between children, educators and families.

We believe parents/ caregivers are the most important people in their children’s lives, their first and foremost teachers/educators.  Families are welcomed into our program at all times and are encouraged to provide feedback. We value diversity and welcome families and their ethnic backgrounds. We are grateful for the enrichment this diversity adds to our program and service. There are many ways for parents/caregivers to become involved in our service. This involvement is encouraged and supported by the team of educators employed at Springwood Preschool.

Our program is provided by a team of highly experienced and caring educators. This experience is enriched by a commitment to continuous improvement and updating of knowledge and skills. These educators are committed to the wellbeing of the children in their care and firmly acknowledge that children learn best when they have formed secure relationships with caring adults. The educators at Springwood Preschool are caring adults who constantly work at building and maintaining trusting relationships with the children.

Springwood Preschool is committed to excellence. We seek to continually refine and improve the service we deliver to the community by keeping informed of current research and putting best practice in early childhood into action.