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Preschool Policies

Attached are a few of the Preschools policies for parents and carers to read over. If you would like a more extensive look at all of the policies they can be accessed in the foyer at Preschool. Our QIP (Quality Improvement Plan) can also be found here. It outlines the National Quality Framework and a summary of our plan for 2014.

code_of_ethics_web.pdf520.09 KB
uncrcchilldfriendlylanguage.pdf154.4 KB
Commendation and Complaints.pdf1.03 MB
Immunisation and infectious diseases policy.pdf903.76 KB
Hand Washing.pdf846.2 KB
Fee Policy.pdf914.64 KB
Illness Exclusion.pdf931.49 KB
Anaphylaxis policy 2019.pdf1.19 MB